Cocktail Catering

You have a gathering planned and don’t just want to resort to beer and wine. We’ve got you covered. Just let us know when and where you’ll be in need of drinks and we will accommodate finished drinks ready for consumption. Regardless of your party’s size, time of day or what specific drinks you’re looking for.

Rent A Bartender

You have your own event planned and all that’s missing is a professional bartender for a few hours to mix up some of the finest drinks. Our team exclusively consists of professional bartenders, ready to shake, stir or pour you whatever your thirsty throat is craving.

Full Service Event Agency

Next to “just” bartending, we also plan, calculate and execute high style events tailored specifically to your needs. Through our years of combined experience in this industry, we have accumulated a vast network of industry professionals, which allows us to organise the most exclusive parties in the finest venues.

Feel Free to drop us an Email

If you have any requests send us an email to or use the contact form below.